Domestic Violence – Is it really that funny?

So I was watching snl last weekend when Blake Lively was hosting. They did a little skit regarding the whole Tiger fiasco that is taking place. In this skit they break several times for Tiger, played by Kenan Thompson,  to be abused by his wife, played by Lively. Now I know that Tiger had a few transgressions that were found out in these past few weeks but I do not think approaching the situation in a satire regarding domestic violence is the correct way to make fun of the situation. Another question could be should this even be made fun of? Domestic violence is not funny, nor should it be made into a skit for all to see. No matter if it is a husband that cheated or a revengeful wife violence is never the solution and it should not be marketed as one.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think? Am I overreacting and is it just a funny skit? Or should we take a look at what we are laughing at and if it is a laughing matter.

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