Promising marriage for sex not a crime in South Korea

This article is about a new court decision in South Korea that struck down a half a century old criminal code that basically punished any man who engaged in premarital sex with a woman “who does not otherwise habitually engage in lewd conduct with the pretence of marrying her.”  Yet, this same court upheld a provision of the code that made extramarital sex illegal for the reason that the majority of South Korean citizens considers extramarital sex “improper”.  When I read the first part of this article I thought, “Alright, sweet!”  As I finished the last sentence of the article, however, I thought, “Really? You were doing so well.”  This article is a prime example of the state’s role in regulating people’s personal sexual choices.  Seeing as we have been discussing Warner’s argument that the government has “extraordinary power…over our innermost lives” and the dangers that come along with that, I thought this article was very fitting.

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