Makeover to keep up or enforce stereotypes?

The Sun-Maid raisin girl has gotten a makeover. She has been tweaked to keep up with today’s social norms. The girl featured on the boxes has been around since 1915 and has been updated several times in the last almost century. Is this a positive change? To keep the product from looking stale? Or is enforcing negative norms of how thin a girl should be. If you follow the link you will see the original Sun-Maid raisin girl had a rounder looking face, and appeared to be larger. The new girl is trim and fit looking. The company claims to be updating the appearance to advertise a healthy lifestyle. Is this woman actually what a woman at a healthy weight would be? Or is she undernourished? While the picture is drawn, and the woman isn’t real, the over appearance can affect the people who see the product even without buying it.

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