CREDO mobile: More than a Network. A Movement.

So I received an email this morning (not sure how I got on their mailing list) from CREDO mobile.  Apparently, it is a mobile phone company that “protects a woman’s right to choose.”  They advocate social change and activism simply by allowing a consumer to “stay connected to what’s important and generate donations from money that would be spent on a phone bill anyway…”  Each phone bill updates CREDO members on issues, and easy ways to speak out.  They have “raised over $60 million for nonprofit groups in [their] five issue areas: civil rights, environment, peace & international freedom, economic & social justice, and voting rights & civic participation.”  Members of CREDO nominate and decide 50 nonprofit groups to fund for the year (as well as how much funding will be provided for each group).

This reminded me of the political strategies relating to privilege as detailed by Ayres and Brown.  Almost anyone can promote social change for any cause that they believe in (although this entail class – the availability to access of cellular phones and long distance plans).  CREDO really seems to “enable people to make a difference in the world by doing the things they do every day” – because why would we otherwise; we like social change to come easy 😉 .  I think it is a great idea, however!

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